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3 More Kidnapped Train Passengers Regain Freedom

About 72 hours after the video showing how the remaining kidnapped train passengers are being tortured went viral, three more victims have regained their freedom.

A report on Monday afternoon indicated that 3 more kidnapped train passengers have been released.

According to a BBC Hausa report, a relative of one of the kidnapped victims released on Monday told the BBC that those released included 2 men and a lady. While disclosing the news to the BBC, the relative said the released victims were on the way to a health facility for medical examination.

As of the time of this report, there was no detailed explanation of the condition met before the additional 3 victims were released.

It will be recalled that terrorists had abducted over 60 train passengers in March 2022 but released the Managing Director of the Bank of Agriculture a few days later. Last month June 11, eleven of the victims were released by the terrorists. Among those released were five males and six females whose names were given as Amina Ba’aba Mohammed, Rashida Yusuf Busari, Jessey John, Hannah Ajewole, Amina Jibril, Najib Mohammed Dahiru, Hassan Aliyu, Peace A, Danjuma Sa’idu, Gaius Gambo and a young boy whose name was not revealed. They also released a pregnant woman who was abducted alongside other victims.

Meanwhile, reactions have continued to trail the recent video clips of terrorists flogging victims of the Abuja – Kadana train attack. The 43 passengers who have spent 119 days in captivity were among those who were k, kidnapped on March 28, 2022.

Reacting to the video which had 43 traumatised victims weeping helplessly, Presidential Aspirant African Action Congress, (AAC) Omoyele Sowore, said “the sadistic treatment meted out to these innocent citizens inside of Mohammed Buhari’s Nigeria by terrorists who attacked Kaduna bound train is heartbreaking. In saner climes, this video ought to change the course of history. Terrorists did not only release the horrible video of them flogging Abuja-Kaduna train abductees, they equally threatened to kidnap Buhari and El-Rufai. Bashir is busy campaigning. He is not bothered because the ransom was paid and friends of Aso Rock were released, others are inconsequential, he added.

According to Nigerian lawyer, author and social media influencer Reno Omokri, “But you mean that the Buhari administration that was able to locate and arrest Nnamdi Kanu 5000 kilometres away in Kenya are not able to locate the hideout of those terrorists seen beating Abuja—Kaduna train abductees and threatening to abduct Buhari and El-Rufai? Terrorists are dictating to our own government, you can just imagine terrorists threatening Buhari that they will abduct him. Where can Buhari and El-Rufai retire after 2023 and be safe? As it is Buhari can’t even retire to Kaduna or Daura. Maybe he will follow Aisha to Dubai.”

Urging the federal government to act now, Senator Shehu Sani Uba said when terrorists post video clips of the torture of their victims, they are waging a psychological war to bring attention to their demands. We don’t have a thick forest in the North West to warrant four months of this ordeal. Time is of the essence for the Government to act now. There has never been any successful rescue operation for most mass kidnappings of students, farmers or passengers in Kaduna, other than ransom payments by families. That is why the terrorists in the video called the committee set up by the Government as “Tea drinking committee”.

Lamenting Nigerian activist, Aisha Yesufu noted that until we realise that a terrorist attack on anyone anywhere is a terrorist attack on everyone everywhere, we will continue to be victims of terrorists and uncaring governments.

“Terrorists gave the Nigerian government 30 days or they will execute the aid workers that were abducted. Buhari did nothing. Saifurah Ahmed was executed. When we marched we were mocked. Another 30 days later they executed Hauwa Liman, she added.

Nigerian comic skit maker, actor and activist Debo Adedayo, aka Mr Macaroni, said the prolonged Captivity of the Abuja-Kaduna train attack passengers continues to prove how little the Government value our lives as Nigerians. They are only interested in our votes. They don’t care about our safety or protection. Nigerians, the ball is in your court.”

Reacting to the heart-wrecking video, Gimba Kakanda said “it is traumatising enough to endure the horror of your loved ones being held captive in some savannah scrubland by a ragtag bunch of men bearing arms. But watching them being so dehumanised by their abductors in a viral video has to be an unbearable scale of pain. We are in the state of nature, and history will never be kind to this overrated political experiment called Buhari. The remaining 43 passengers were abducted from the Abuja-Kaduna train, on March 28. They are now 118 days in captivity. Here, you see they are being flogged mercilessly by the terrorists. No one should have to go through this amount of torture. No one. This is Buhari and APC’s legacy.

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