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Bride, 30 other women abducted in Katsina community

About 30 women accompanying a bride to her new home were abducted by gunmen along Gamji Road in Dandume Local Government Area of Katsina State on Thursday night.

Nigeriacrime.com learned that the women, along with the bride, were travelling in a truck to Ungwan Murjiya village between 8:30 and 9:00 pm when they were ambushed by the assailants.

A local source reported that the truck conductor was shot and is currently receiving treatment at Damari Hospital.

In another development around the same time, gunmen believed to be from Siddi forest in Kaduna State entered Tashar Nadaya village, near the Gazari district border of Sabuwa LGA, killing a motorcycle rider and stealing his motorbike. They also opened fire on four other people and stole their motorcycles.

The Dandume Local Government Council Chairman, Alhaji Basiru Musa, confirmed the kidnappings. He added that there were unconfirmed reports of some women escaping. He said he would investigate the rumours and provide further updates. He also clarified that while the women were residents of Dandume, they were abducted while returning from Sabuwa Local Government Area around 9:00 pm.

Both Sabuwa and Dandume are frequently targeted by bandits in Katsina State. Despite efforts by security forces, these criminal activities continue to occur regularly.

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