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Father Of Alleged Swapped Baby Claimed He Was Kidnapped, Warned To Stop Indicting LAUTECH

A man, Adedeji Moses has claimed that he was kidnapped by two men and warned to stop trying to unravel the medical case of his daughter.

Recall that Moses is the father of three who recently cried out on social media over the alleged swap of his biological child at birth at the Ladoke Akintola University Teaching Hospital, Ogbomosho, Oyo State.

The 34-year-old had earlier claim that the hospital swapped his child at birth in November 2018 but he discovered recently due to the genotype of the child.

He said, while his wife is AA and he is SC, the said child is a sickle cell patient.

Moses’ abductors were said to have issued a strong warning for him to drop the case against the hospital or face a deadly repercussion.

Narrating how he was kidnapped by some unknown men who told him that “innocent people would be affected” if he continued to pursue his case against the hospital.

“Recently, I approached a radio station in Ibadan, Agidigbo FM, where I also explained what I was going through (sic). So, it was in the morning when I started noticing a funny movement. I took my bike out and was going to start working when I saw two men near my house but they didn’t look like they wanted to take a bike. I left for work and came back home in the evening. After staying at home for a while, I wanted to go and see someone and by the time I was back, I saw the two men by the side of my bike; there was a Toyota Camry car with the door opened there also. I asked them to please adjust and that I wanted to take my bike but instead, they approached me as if they wanted to talk to me but they placed a gun by my side and asked me to enter inside the car. I entered the car and they used handkerchiefs to cover my face, so I didn’t know where I was driven to. They drove for about 20 to 30 minutes before they stopped. One of them got down and made calls and they said a lot of things to me (sic).

“They told me that innocent people would be affected if I continued to take any step in unravelling what was behind my daughter’s case at the LAUTECH teaching hospital. I started begging them and telling them that I wasn’t going to drag any case but that I wanted my daughter and wife to live a good life and be well-taken care of. They spoke to someone via calls again and concluded that they would release me. They warned me that they were watching me and if I took any step again, they would find me. Around some minutes after 10 pm, they carried me again and returned me to Orita Nira where they picked me up,” Adedeji recounted.

He lamented that after this sad episode, he was not willing to pursue the case but only wanted to survive and take care of his family.

“My wife and I are jobless and I only ride okada to survive. If they help me, I would be able to fend for the family without worrying about taking care of my daughter’s health. My parents also took care of me and that was how I survived. I believe that she can also be taken care of,” he stated.

When contacted, the spokesperson for the LAUTECH Teaching Hospital, Omotayo Ogunleye, said investigations were ongoing to unravel the mystery behind the Adediji case.


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