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Female Freelancers Federation train journalists on Gaining Global Relevance

No fewer than 40 freelance journalists drawn from various media organisations from across Nigeria were trained by the Female Freelancers Federation (FFF), on gaining global relevance through pitching.

Sharing valuable insights on pitching your way to international success, the guest speaker, serial award-winning journalist and media entrepreneur, Kowoforola Belo-Osagie, said that journalism goes beyond merely writing stories.

According to her, it demands diverse skill set encompassing editing, page planning, and the ability to infuse emotions into your writing.

Belo-Osagie who tasked aspiring journalists to embrace innovation said “As you write your report, aim high as if you are vying for an award. Strive for excellence and continuously improve your craft. Seek guidance from experienced colleagues and invest in self-training to enhance your skills. Learn from those who have walked the path before you can provide valuable lessons.”

When it comes to pitching stories, Belo-Osagie urged journalists to conduct thorough research to understand the significance and impact of other stories. Clearly define why it matters. Seek clarity by discussing your story ideas with trusted colleagues. Their input can help refine and sharpen your ideas. Focus on addressing prevailing issues in rural areas. Shedding light on these topics can bring about meaningful change.”

“Back your stories with multimedia evidence such as pictures, videos, or interviews. This helps strengthen your narrative and adds credibility to your work. Maintain a clear vision of your goals and aspirations within your field, beat, or career. Having a purpose-driven mindset will guide your efforts and propel you forward.

She urged participants to expand their network beyond journalism. According to her, “Engage with professionals from different walks of life. Broadening your horizons helps you gain fresh perspectives and learn from diverse experiences.”

Speaking at the online training, which was moderated by Esther Onyegbula, the Convener, Female Freelancers Federation (FFF), Elizabeth Osayande said the training is aimed, among others, to enhance the capacity of freelance journalists in Nigeria.

“The platform is dedicated to giving freelancers, especially females, a voice to shine and strive in the industry,” she added.

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