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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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How MMA Officials Extorted Me, Ghana-based Nigerian Woman Narrates

A Nigerian woman, Oman Olisa, has narrated how she was allegedly extorted by some officials of the Murtala Muhammed International Airport during her last trip to Ghana.

The woman, who took to her Facebook to narrate her ordeals in the hands of the officials, lamented that she was heavily pregnant when they extorted her while returning to her base.

The Facebook user wrote, “Murtala Muhammed International Airport is a place crawling with vampires ready to take a bit at your neck at every turn.

“In the red bag was Afang leaf, Uziza leaf, water leaf, ugwu leaf, utazi leaf, hard shell periwinkle, curry leaf, garden eggs, Oha leaf, see my mum had gone to the market the previous day and shopped those veggies for me and told me to travel with them, since they are hard to come by in Ghana.

“I obliged her, was also happy about it and already thinking of the delicacies I will cook with them and store in the freezer, getting to the airport the content of that bag was used as a yards stick to extort money from me, because I didn’t want to leave it behind I tipped my way through every check point, some I stood my ground and insisted I didn’t have anything to give them.

“But when I checked my time and saw I was running out time and still not fully cleared to fly I grudgingly gave into their bits into my pocket, one even told me my hard shell periwinkle can be used as a weapon on the airplane.”

Speaking further on the encounter, Olisa said, “the other one told me that my aviation medical clearance report allowing me to fly has expired, then I told her she would have to wait until the eight day after the first day of issuance to tell me that, she looked at me and handed my report back to me, Onye Oshi.

“Guess what, after surviving their extortion, getting to the waiting area, as I was about to seat down and take a deep breath of releaf from the whole wahala, my flight was called, I dragged my kaya again and headed for plane.

“My flight was smooth, arriving Kotoka International Airport, I can’t record one unpleasant experience, the people and staff where very friendly, helpful and very considerate, when yellow card became a problem, they looked at my stomach and gave me a free pass.”


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