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I did rituals on his behalf, now he wants to divorce me — Woman

A man, Adewale Olagunju, has dragged his wife, Saratu, before Grade A Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, seeking an end to their wedlock due to the latter’s childlessness.

Adewale further accused his wife of being uncouth, stating that he no longer loved her.

The plaintiff implored the court to dissolve their union and restrain the defendant from harassing him and interfering with his private life.

Saratu pleaded not guilty to the claims when they were read to her.

She told the court she was not ready to divorce her husband.

Adewale in his testimony, said, “Saratu and I met and got married in 2004.

“I did not pay her bride price because we didn’t have a wedding ceremony. I only paid her parents a visit and introduced myself to them.

“Saratu was already married and living with her husband when we met.

“We dated secretly for months and chose a place where we always met.

“A few months into our relationship, I persuaded her to damn all consequences and move in with me.

“Saratu agreed to my request. She abandoned her husband and moved into my house.

“I regret ever taking this step because Saratu became a thorn in my flesh immediately she started living with me.

“I pampered and fed her with good food, but I gained nothing in return because she is barren.

“This brought a strain in our relationship because we were always at loggerheads.

“I suddenly became irritated with Saratu’s behaviour which I had for long tolerated.

“Saratu is uncouth in nature and not better than street girls.

“She became constantly rude to me and always used unprintable words when abusing me.

“She hates to be corrected and was always ready to fight me.

“Saratu fights like a jackal and would go wild anytime we had a brawl.

“She succeeded in frustrating me which prompted my decision to walk out of our marriage.

“I took some of my belongings and moved out of our home about six months ago.

“I have vowed never to have anything to do with her again which was why I came to court.

“My lord, I no longer love my wife. She’s free to look for another man. I pray the court to rule that we go our different ways.”

Saratu, in her response stated that, “It is not true that I am barren. I got pregnant after I moved in with him, but had a miscarriage.

“My husband is an ingrate. I stood by him during hard times, but the best way he chose to repay me was divorcing me.

“He was always patronising different pastors during his trying moments and these people were always appealing to me to help him carry out rituals which I gladly did because I love him.

“My husband to my surprise returned home one day and ordered that I packed out of his house.

“He said there was a demon living with us in the house which was responsible for his misfortunes.

“I refused to leave because I was convinced it was a smart way of getting rid of me.

“I plead with this honourable court to save my marriage. I love my husband and do not want to divorce him.”

Giving her judgment after she has heard both parties, the court president, Mrs S.M Akintayo stated that there was no marriage to be dissolved because no formal customary marriage held between both parties and no bride price was paid.

The defendant was restrained from disturbing, harassing, threatening and interfering with the plaintiff’s private life.

Both were admonished to maintain peace, law and order

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