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Kidnappers threaten to kill hostages if demand not met

Kidnappers threaten to kill hostages, three sisters, including a pregnant housewife who was abducted in Kaduna State, if  N50 million demanded ransom is not paid in 24 hours

The pregnant housewife, Zainab, gave birth in the terrorists’ den.

On Monday, the family appealed to the government as well as the public to come to their aid, adding that they were able to raise N6.5 million, but was rejected by the kidnappers.

Speaking on behalf of the family,  the immediate younger brother of the victim, Kabir Yusuf, said the bandits called and demanded that they would kill the mother and the child if the N50 million was not paid within 24 hours.

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Yusuf, who has been negotiating with the bandits since his sister was abducted, called on well-meaning Nigerians to come to their aid by donating generosity to save his sister from the hand of the bandits

According to him, he had begged the abductors and told them that the family had sold everything they had to raise N6.5million, but the bandits rejected it.

“We are appealing to the federal government, Kaduna state government, charity organisations, philanthropists and well spirited individuals to assist us in securing their release,” he added.

“We don’t want anything to happen to them. If anything happens to them, only God knows what effect it would have on our mother, who is now on wheelchair because of their abduction.”

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