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Lagos: Brother Arrested For Brutalising Sister

The elder brother of a lady identified as Abigail Chris has been arrested over series of physical assault she suffered from him.

This development was confirmed by the spokesperson of the Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Agency, Joke Ladenegan-Oginni.

The victim was said to have raised the alarm on X (formerly Twitter).

Also, NIGERIACRIME learnt that an X user identified as @Ayomiepat_, on Monday, shared some posts and pictures revealing the physical and mental state of Abigail, stating that the victim needed an urgent help and called on the authorities to intervene.

Part of the post read, “This girl is facing physical abuse from her brother. She’s in dire need of help. This happened because she refused to live in the apartment their father rented for them. Her reason for not wanting to live with him is his violent behaviour which is valid. This is the second time this has happened that I know of.”

The victim’s brother has reportedly been assaulting her since 2014. However, the most recent experience Abigail suffered was on December 21, 2023, after which she decided to call for help and alert the relevant authorities.

In a viral picture, Abigail suffered a cut in her upper left eye and bruises in other parts of her body as a result of the recent beating.

A note she wrote after the assault partly read, “I wish I had not been born or probably not born in our family. Maybe I won’t have Emmanuel as a brother and just be me. I just wish my next year will be better since I’m going to cut them off, and I just hope they don’t find a means to find me and make my life miserable again.”

The X user also alleged that Abigail’s family had been trying to cover up the atrocities of the brother since the abuse started.

In a voice recording, the lady was heard talking to a male voice suspected to be that of the eldest brother.

“Is it until I die? In 2014, Emmanuel broke my hand. He beat me and I fainted in 2016. There was another incident in 2022 and now another one has happened. Is it until I die?” She said.

The male voice was heard threatening the victim not to report to the authorities or reveal her ordeals. The male voice further told her that she should tell the authorities that the perpetrator had run away.

“Do not try it. In your statement, say he has run away,” the male voice said.

Confirming the incident, the spokesperson, Ladenegan-Oginni, said the agency received a report of the matter and that the perpetrator had been arrested.

She said, “The agency confirms that the case was received through our social media handle; a case of physical abuse towards one Ms Abigail perpetrated by her elder brother. A referral letter to Okokomaiko Police Station was immediately sent to the client for investigation and to ensure that justice is served. The agency received feedback that the perpetrator was arrested by 9am this morning (Wednesday), and he is currently in detention.”

Ladenegan-Oginni said investigation was ongoing on the case.


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