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Lagos Pastor Accused Of Spiritual Attack, Fraud

A Lagos State-based pastor, Joel Oladipupo has been accused of using charms to attack his friend, Kunle Akinbo, in a bid to not repay a N9m debt.

Akinbo, who is a businessman, dragged the pastor before the Samuel Ilori Magistrate’s Court, Ogbà, Lagos.

He said his friend has tried all methods to prevent him from refunding his money, including the use of charms on him.

The duo were reportedly involved in a deal that failed due to Oladipupo’s inability to fulfil the contract they had.

The defendant stood trial before Magistrate S.O. Obasa on Monday.

The prosecutor, Koye Olusegun, led the complainant in evidence before the court.

Akinbo said there was strong competition over the sale of property which Oladipupo was interested in.

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He said, “Oladipupo said I should do everything in my power to get the property. I called the younger brother of the owner of the property, Tony Akoko, to meet me at Oladipupo’s office. The property was worth 40m. He said if we got the property for him, he would give us 10 per cent of the 40m.”

Akinbo told the court that they got the property for Oladipupo but he refused to pay the N4m commission.

Narrating what translated, the complainant said, “Some weeks later, he gave the agent I brought, Adesina Joseph, N300,000. Anytime I requested our N4m, he would threaten to kill me and make me disappear.”

He noted that he wrote a petition to the Inspector-General of Police on July 7, 2021, because Oladipupo threatened to kill him and his children over the money.

Akinbo said, “I wrote the petition because of the money and some other secrets I know about him. He is a fake prophet, arranges fake miracles, and buries a lot of charms on the premises of his church.

“In February 2017, he invited me and my wife to a programme called Bojuwomi in Ibadan. We finished the programme around 8 pm and he said I shouldn’t go to Lagos that night again. He took me and my wife to his house. That night, I caught him with a cow horn, àse, with a bottle of Schnapps. Around 1 am, he said I should go and sleep in the visitors’ room because he wanted to discuss with my wife.”

The witness claimed that Oladipupo used spiritual powers that caused him to suffer road accidents on different occasions, as he showed scars of injuries he sustained.

The businessman told the court that the defendant had also collected over N6m with the promise of buying property for him.

Oladipupo was also accused of attempting to bribe and threaten other witnesses.

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