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Lagos Residents Caught Man Stealing Car With Towing Van

Some residents of Abule Egba area in Lagos State have nabbed a suspected carjacker who allegedly attempted to steal a car using a towing van.

The yet-to-be-identified man had pretended to operators of towing vehicle to assist him in towing his faulty car away from the location.

The faulty car was parked outside the premises of a building in the Exalted Community Development Association, Abule Egba.

He had informed the operators of the towing van that he was moving the faulty vehicle to the Kantangura Market in Abule Egba for repairs.

However, the operator demanded for the key and documents of the faulty vehicle as a the criteria to help him tow the car for repairs.

In a move to deceive the operators, the suspect presented the documents of another car, which led to distress as the operators raised the alarm to alert residents.

A resident, whose name could not be ascertained in a video clip of the incident, said people in the area mobbed the suspect.

The resident said, “This is the Camry car that he wanted to steal. You that park your vehicle outside, be very watchful. Aboki will come with a towing vehicle to tow your parked vehicle away.

“This is the Aboki and this is the Camry car he wanted to tow. This is the towing vehicle he brought to tow a vehicle that was parked here.

“Thank God those operating the towing vehicle are very intelligent; they asked for the key and document and he could not provide them and they arrested him and handed him over to the police in our community.

“The Aboki is a criminal; the vehicle broke down and the person parked it outside his compound. This is the Aboki; he said he is from Kebbi State; he said he is based in Katangura where they will cut your vehicle and sell all the parts.”

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