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Male Crossdresser Caught Inside Redeemed Church In Lagos

A male crossdresser was recently caught inside a Redeemed Christian Church of God, Solid Rock Chapel, Ojodu, Lagos state.

Narrating what happened, one of the Church members said, “The man came to church this morning as a woman but our guard suspected him”.

“After much talk, they suspected that he is not what he claimed to be”.

He added; “The church guard had to undress him before we discovered that he is a man but dressed to church like a woman. We don’t know his mission yet but he has been handed over to the police”.

It was also reported that the Church members found three phones with the crossdresser and a lot of other items.

The suspect later confessed that he is an internet fraudster, revealing that he has a Facebook account where he deceives people as he disguises as a woman.

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