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Medical Practitioners killed My Wife During Labour – Husband Seeks Justice

A man known as Triplem C Mchaty, on Twitter, has shared a heartbroken story of how negligence of a Lagos hospital killed his newly wedded wife during labour.

Mchaty who took to his handle to seek justice for his wife stated that the incident happened between March 28 and 29, 2022.

According to him, his 28 years old had moved to Lagos after 5 months of receiving antenatal in Onitsha Anambra State. Her move was to allow her stay with her sister in Lagos who will take good care of her since the husband is not in town.

He revealed that his sister’s friend, who is a nurse, asked them to come and register in a hospital where she was a staff member, probably for a referral bonus staff gets from the hospital.

As stated by Mchaty, it was in this hospital that his wife was undergoing Antenatal care. Then on the 28th of March 2022, she was asked to carry out some scans and tests which she did and everything was said to be perfect.

At noon of the same day, Mcaty’s wife called to inform him that water had dropped off her leg, prompting her to report at the hospital for proper attention.

When the wife got to the hospital she was induced by the medical practitioner to speed up her labour. However, 12 hours into the labour, Mchaty’s wife was unable to deliver the baby.

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Read Mchaty’s full story below:

“Good morning family, I am really heartbroken now, my wife died at MEADVILLE GLOBAL HEALTH CENTER (HOSPITAL) N0 1 Bashiru Street, off Lateef Adegboyega Street, Ago Palace Way Okota.

“We just got married 10 months ago, she took in, she was undergoing Antenatal in Onitsha Anambra for about 5 months, and later came down to Lagos to stay with my elder sister so she can be looking after her since I am not in town.

“My sister’s friend, a nurse, asked them to come and register in a hospital where she is working, probably for a referral bonus from the hospital.

“She was undergoing Antenatal in the hospital till on Sunday 28th March 2022, she did all the scans and tests required of her and everything was perfect. On Sunday, 28th March she told me that water dropped off her leg so she called the hospital to inform them.

“They asked her to come over to the hospital, on getting there, they induced her to speed up labour.

“After hours of trying to push, no way, over 10 hours my wife already got so weak and tired, my sister called me around 11pm that they want to carry out CS on her.

“I was like something they’re supposed to have done, instead of suffering her. Around 2am they called me on the phone saying that she needs blood, mind you I was in Enugu while all this was happening. The hospital didn’t have any blood bank nor an ambulance, so I started looking for an uber to take my sister to General Hospital Isolo to go get blood at midnight.

“I succeeded in getting about 5pts of blood.

“Around 3am they called me saying that they wanted to cut off her womb and that she was bleeding. I was shocked because this is her first child. She is 28yrs old. I asked them if that was the only way of her surviving, they said, it is 50-50, just to see if the bleeding will stop. They ended the call and later called back saying that I should buy more blood instead of letting them try something, around 3:30am my sister went to get more blood.

“Around 6am Monday morning 29th March I called and said that I wanted to speak with her, they said I should wait for 20 mins while they dressed her up to move her to ward.

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“I kept calling, I called my elder sister and she told me she doesn’t understand what they are doing, that the consultant doctor they hired to carry out the CS has left but the hospital is calling him back to come that there is complications, he came back and open my wife back for the second time, my wife was already tired due to the pains she was passing through.

“They started operating her again to correct the errors.

“Unfortunately she couldn’t make it back, she died, they removed the baby boy though but the baby didn’t cry due to prolonged labour, he drank lots of water and blood.

“I rushed down to Enugu Airport and boarded a flight down to Lagos, getting to the hospital I found my wife’s lifeless body in one old looking operation room.

“I was so heartbroken, they gave me an exorbitant bill to pay before I could carry her dead body, over N500,000.

“Right now I took my son to another hospital. He is under ICU now. We are doing different kinds of scans, tests, Xray and other. He is using oxygen at the moment.

“The bills are excess, I am just hoping he can survive. I need justice for my wife.”

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