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Mr Macaroni getting death threats over 2023 election Poll

Content creator and activist, Adebowale Debo Adedayo, aka Mr Macaroni, has revealed a death threat he recently received from some powerful anonymous politicians over the February 25 election.

Macaroni shared a screenshot of the death threat sent via his email on his Twitter, which stated that he should thank his God if he survives this year.

According to the email shared, the mailer threatened that the comedian is being watched around Lekki environs, adding that if he luckily escapes this year, he should thank his God.

Speaking about this, Macaroni said he was already used to receiving threats, and he has recorded messages and calls from notable persons and their children, who have at a time, reached out to warn him over a cause.

“I’m already used to threats. I have a record of all threats I have received. Also, I have recorded messages and calls from powerful politicians and their children that have ever reached out to me.

”I always said NO because as long as I still live, There shall be NO COMPROMISE,” Mr Macaroni stated.

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