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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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My Escaped Experience From Kidnapper On Lagos-Ibadan Expressway – Victim

Travelling along Lagos-Ibadan express road these days has become akin to going into the lion’s den and not knowing if your fate would be like that of Daniel in the Holy Bible who came out alive or that of the ‘presidents and princes’ who lied against him.

Although no time of the day is safe enough to travel through the road, it has become obvious from an eye witness account of the horror he faced recently on the road, that it is best to travel at day break rather than at night or at dawn.

The eye witness, Mr Akpoke Victor who recently had cause to thank God for his life for getting saved from being kidnapped by gunmen Kidnapper on Friday 15th April, at gun point, is still traumatized as he narrates his experience.

Victor had boarded an Uber from Lagos State to go pay a visit to his in-laws at Osun State.

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According to him, they left berger area of Lagos State some minutes to 5am but on getting to Oni Garri area along the express road, they noticed that one side of the road has been blocked with a trailer. The other side was where these Kidnapper barricaded with a very big plank.

The Uber driver slowed down on seeing this and suddenly three men with guns came out from the bush. The one directly facing them ordered the driver to stop the vehicle while running towards them.

Suddenly they mustered some courage and put the vehicle in reverse.

To their greatest surprise, the gunmen rather than open fire on them choose to give them a hot chase on foot.

Not relenting, the vehicle kept reversing until it hit another vehicle coming from behind where there was a brief delay.

At this point the gunmen Kidnapper were just about to open fire on them when suddenly an escort vehicle driving in the opposite direction shot at them.

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Both the occupants of the escort vehicle and the gunmen began exchanging gun fire.

The Uber carrying Victor managed to circumvent the vehicle it hit while reversing and both managed to move away from the scene.

“Only God knows how much ransom they would have been requesting from their families if they had been kidnapped him and the driver.

“At first it looked like it was a movie but this happened just this Friday. The state of insecurity is everywhere in the country. No where is safe,” Victor added.

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