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N40m land scam, man calls out real estate firm

A Nigerian man living abroad, Kayode Oladipo, has accused Revolution Plus Real Estate and its Managing Director, Emma Bamidele Onalaja, of failing to allocate him 20 plots of land for which he claims to have paid over N40 million in 2017.

The allegations surfaced when a video of Oladipo pleading for government intervention and threatening suicide went viral on social media.

In the distressing video, Oladipo is seen lamenting his predicament.

“I will commit suicide, all the land I bought from Revolution Plus, Emma Bamidele, give me my property. I bought a property from you in 2017, 20 plots of land worth more than N40 million since 2017 up till now, you have not given me my property, I will commit suicide Emma Bamidele, If I should die, my blood is on the head of Emma Bamidele,” he stated.

Following Oladipo’s public outcry, Revolution Plus Properties promptly issued a press statement, categorically denying the allegations.

The company clarified that Oladipo had outstanding balances on the plots he purchased and highlighted discrepancies in his account of the transaction.

The press release titled, ‘Press statement with regards to the video posted by Mr. Kayode Oladipo,’ stated, “Mr. Kayode Oladipo indeed bought some plots of land with us… however, he defaulted in payment and still has an outstanding amount of N9,358,000.”

It also noted that Oladipo had only paid a total of N16,752,000, not the N40 million he claimed.

Furthermore, the company detailed transactions involving Oladipo and stated that one of the clients he represented had completed payments and had already been allocated land with the necessary documentation provided.

In the statement, Revolution Plus emphasized that Oladipo entered into a contract which stipulated full payment as a precondition for land allocation.

The company decried the spread of “false and unfounded information” which is damaging to its reputation and announced its intention to take legal action against Oladipo while encouraging customers to disregard his claims.

With the allegations and refutations now in public view, this matter appears to be heading towards a legal resolution. Revolution Plus’s insistence on contractual agreements and Oladipo’s passionate pleas have set the stage for a potentially complex legal battle.

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