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NDLEA Detains 10-year-old Girl In Rivers, Group Kicks

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has reportedly arrested and detained a 10-year-old girl, identified as Success Nsikan.

It was gathered that the minor was taken into custody on August 17 after she was arrested in place of her guardian accused of dealing in cannabis sativa.

Nsikan’s guardian was said to have when the minor led the operatives to his abode.

Meanwhile, a rights group, the Peoples Advocate for Justice, has demanded the immediate release of the minor.

According to the Co-ordinator of the rights group, Courage Nsirimovu, NDLEA is wrong to arrest anyone in proxy.

Additionally, Nsirimovu said the mother of the girl presented an affidavit which contradicted the agency’s claim that she was 15.

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The Co-ordinator also added that the NDLEA had demanded the survey document of a landed property as a condition to grant the minor bail.

The agency, however, denied the allegation.

Nsirimovu stated, “Success Nsikan, the female child, is 10 years old. NDLEA made a fictitious claim that the young girl is 15 years old in order to serve their purpose of detaining a minor.

“We got a clear affidavit from her mother and that affidavit clearly states that Success Nsikan was born on November 2, 2012.”

The activist stressed that the NDLEA should focus on trailing, arresting and prosecuting the detained minor’s guardian.

But reacting, the Deputy State Commander of the NDLEA, Emmanuel Obumbada, said the girl was in a safe facility undergoing counselling.

He also denied claims that the agency demanded money for her bail.

The official she was helping the agency with its investigation.

He said, “She was taken into custody and put in the facility where underage people are kept. She is currently undergoing counselling. She will be released to a responsible adult after undergoing counselling.”

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