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Friday, July 12, 2024
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Oil Bunkering: How Corrupt Officer Makes Millions

The Commandant General of the Nigerian Civil Defence Corp, Mr Ahmed Abubakar Audi is stalling the investigation of one of his officers, Musa Jubril Abdullahi, who is allegedly involved in oil bunkering, Pointblanknews.com reports.

The proceeds according to incontrovertible sources, are used to acquire properties worth billions and then shared.

According to sources, while Abdullahi served as area commander in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital, he connived and shielded oil bunkers, collected returns in millions on a weekly basis and shared with Audi, the NCDC Commandant General.

However, luck ran out of Abdullahi when his nefarious activities in Port Harcourt caught the attention of the Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike.

Gov. Wike immediately demanded the removal and prosecution of the NCDC Area Commander, an event that was widely reported in the media.

Abdullahi, instead got a pat on the back and was transferred to the NCDC headquarters by the Commandant General instead of the expected prosecution and sack.

Pointblanknews.com sources revealed that officials of the Code of Conduct Bureau, CCB, have now discovered that Abdullahi never filed his asset declaration form since he joined NCDC, while properties worth billions have now been traced to him.

According to impeccable sources, as soon as the NCDC headquarters were notified of the CCB intent to investigate Abdullahi, Audi immediately moved in and started making overtures to the head of CCB to drop the investigation and free his man.

“CCB is bent on doing her job. Our mandate is to ensure we support the President fight against corruption. Unfortunately, some high ups are bent on scuttling it, trying to use the CCB to shield corrupt element. This is what we are facing in trying to bring Abdullahi and whoever is connected with him to book,” a source told Pointblanknews.com.

It was also gathered that Audi has been restless since the letter CCB was dispatched. Sources told pointblanknews.com that he feared he might be linked with the huge wealth traced to Abdullahi.

Audi allegedly spends over N200million of tax payers money chattering private jets, and collecting billions from oil bunkers through area commanders in the Southern part of Nigeria where oil bunkering has increased.

The NCDC Commandant General did not respond when contacted over the investigation of Abdullahi.

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