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Police Arrest Nigerian For Smuggling 83,000 Cigarettes Into UK

A Nigerian man, Samuel Onyemenam, aged 50, has been arrested by the United Kingdom authorities for allegedly attempting to smuggle over 83,000 cigarettes into Newcastle International Airport.

Reports available to NIGERIACRIME crime confirmed that the suspect was apprehended by the UK police after he flew from Nigeria via Germany.

Three of Onyemenam suitcases were X-rayed by officers from Border Force and they found out that two of them were filled with cigarettes.

Newcastle Magistrates’ Court heard a total of 83,600 cigarettes were found, which would have carried duty worth £28,000.

The suspect, who resides in Chantry Close, in Abbey Wood, London, appeared in court last week.

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He pleaded guilty to the offence of illegally evading duty, a statement by the authority said on Monday.

He told the court that the cigarettes were for personal consumption by his cousin, not for businesses purposes.

However, the District Judge, Jayne Bryan, rejected his claims, stating that, “I don’t accept what you’re saying at face value.

“You’re going to have to give evidence about what you’re claiming. It’s what we call a trial of issue and it will decide on what basis you will be sentenced on.

“I’m going to adjourn your case until 3 May back at this court. You will have unconditional bail to return to this court on that date and time. If you don’t attend, a warrant could be issued for your arrest.”

Newcastle Magistrates’ Court was told that Onyemenam arrived at Newcastle International Airport on a flight from Nigeria via Germany on 26 November 2022.

Rob Lawson, prosecuting, added, “He had three suitcases with him.

“Border Force officers informed him that they were going to X-ray his suitcases and two were found to contain a large quantity of cigarettes, 83,600.

“The duty evaded was £28,530.17.”

The defense counsel, Paul Kennedy, said Onyemenam, who has no past convictions, stood by his claim that the cigarettes were for his cousin and made no financial gain.

Kennedy continued, “It was an opportunistic, one-off offence.”

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