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Police investigate mystery behind man’s death in Ogun hotel

The Ogun State Police Command is working round the clock to unravel the mystery behind the death of a guest who lodged in a hotel Located in Orile-Imo, in Obafemi Owode Local Government Area of the State.

The lifeless body of a man, simply identified as Segun, was discovered by one of the hotel workers who went into the room to clean it. gathered that the deceased was lodged in the hotel with another man, who was suspected to have murdered him on Saturday, January 7, 2023.

In the Closed-Circuit Television camera of the hotel, in circulation, Segun and the yet-to-be-identified suspect were seen gisting beside the hotel bar before they paid for a room at the reception.

The deceased, who wore a black jacket, had a facial injury that made his left eye swollen.

The management of the hotel reported the incident to the Isiun Police Division, which took the body to the mortuary of the Olabisi Onabanjo University Teaching Hospital.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, a staff of the hotel, said from the CCTV footage, it was possible that the victim was not feeling well when he came to lodge at the hotel.

He also revealed that the management was working with the police in ensuring that the suspect was apprehended. I believe the guy escaped probably when there was a power outage and we were trying to put on the generator. You can see the CCTV here works 24 hours; if not for the footage, we won’t even know the suspect.”

A relative of the deceased, Tolu claimed to have seen his corpse before it was buried on Monday, said there was a deep cut on his head.

The relative also alleged that the deceased’s phone, which was with him in the CCTV footage, was taken away by the suspect.

He said, “When our family head went to a police station, they gave him about N250,000 belonging to Segun. They told him that N200, 000 was found inside a bag with him, while another N50,000 was found inside his back pocket.

“The suspect only took his phone; he did not take out of the money. This shows that his major mission was just to get him killed. I believe they might have had an argument, which led to him hitting Segun in the head.

“We buried his remains in his residence in Abeokuta; it is a painful thing that we don’t even know who was responsible for the death of our brother.”

Speaking further, Oyeyemi said, “it cannot be established that the suspect was the one who killed Segun, because, from the CCTV clip we saw, it was discovered that both Segun and the other man had sustained injuries before going to lodge in the hotel”.

“If he was the one that killed Segun, there was a possibility he went away with the money in his pocket. We saw about N300,000 in Segun’s pocket”.

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