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Political thugs attacked Woman with bottle at polling place in Lagos

Following a bottle attack by political thugs at a polling place in the Surulere neighborhood of Lagos State, a Nigerian woman has become a symbol of bravery and tenacity after returning to cast her vote in the current presidential and National Assembly election.

The incident occurred at a polling unit in the Surulere area of the state on Saturday, February 25th.

According to reports, the unidentified woman was attacked by party members as she waited in line to cast her ballot. She suffered facial injuries and was taken urgently to a neighboring hospital for treatment.

The woman, however, resisted being intimidated or prevented from exercising her right to vote despite suffering bruises and psychological anguish from the attack.

Later in the day, she went back to the polling place and cast her ballot, winning the respect and support of many Nigerians.

The woman has received a lot of praise on social media from users who noted that her tenacity and bravery in the face of abuse served as an example to others.

The woman’s attack was just one of numerous instances of violence and voter intimidation that were recorded throughout Nigeria during the keenly watched election on the national and international levels.

Applauding her, Cubana Chief Priest described her as the Hero of the day as she is a true definition of a New Nigeria.

He urged his millions of followers to show her love and support by donating to her.

“Hero of the Day, She is the true definition of a New Nigeria. Abeg make una swipe to show her love make she fit replenish her worn out tissues, blood wey she lose no be here. Nothing too small for her bravery towards Naija. She will never regret,” he said.

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