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Soldiers Assault ATBU ASUU Chair, Students Revolt

Students of the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi State, Yelwa Campus, has revolted against the alleged assault on the Chairperson of the Academic Staff Union of the University, Dr Ibrahim Inuwa, by some military men.

It was gathered that the military men had tried to access the institution on Monday but were stopped by the security unit of ATBU because they were in vehicles that had tinted glasses.

Inuwa, who was driving pass the scene was reported to have inquired what the issue was when the military men allegedly pounced on him and assaulted him with slaps.

It was gathered that the incident angered students of the institution, who demanded that the five soldiers be released to them to so they could avenge what was done to the ASUU chair.

They reportedly stormed the security office, trying to force their way inside but were were prevented by the school’s security, popularly called “Baba Blue.”

The students denied cars from entering or leaving the school premises by closing down the two major gates leading to the campus.

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Inuwa, while speaking on what transpired between him and the military men said he was heading home when he saw the soldiers harassing the security man on duty at the gate.

He added that he was insulted and slapped by one of the soldiers when he parked to ask what was going on.

Inuwa said, “Just this (Monday) night, a few minutes after 8 pm, I was going out of the university and I saw a convoy of two vehicles, they were busy arguing and harassing the security man on duty. At that time, most of the security men were praying in a mosque by the gate. So I had to stop because it is my responsibility as the chairman of the union.

“I told them that this is a university and we have our rules, and the next thing, they started shoving me, then one of them went to the extreme and slapped me three consecutive times. I called their attention that what they have done is wrong, and I told them they would regret it. You can even see the prints of the slaps on my face.

“They were claiming that they are military guys but to give us their details was a problem. They were on mufti and they forced their way into the university.”

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