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Two Suspected Witches Mobbed By Benue Youths

Angry youths in Benue state have killed two people for allegedly killing people through the practice of witchcraft.

The incident happened in Mbaaku Mbasombo in Gwer East Local Government Area of the state last Friday.

The victims, identified as Kwaghange Ugbu and Atuur Shaaja were reportedly dragged with a rope around the village and subsequently beaten to death.

A source who spoke anonymously said the incident was triggered by the sudden death of a farmer, David Nongobo, who hailed from Mbaaku Mbasombo.

The source said the angry youths, marched to the houses of two elderly men who were relatives of the deceased who just completed his secondary school education.

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While narrating the incident, he said the two elderly men were beaten and cut with axes and cutlasses.

He said, “They even tied a rope around their necks and dragged them until they died. The accused deceased were screaming in their Tiv dialect that they don’t have a hand in the young man’s death but the mob didn’t listen to them.

“Despite intervention and plea from family members of the tortured victims including their children, the youths resisted and they ensured that the elderly men were stoned death.

When contacted, the Benue State Police Command Spokesperson, Catherine Anene, confirmed the incident and said that the suspects were currently on the run.

“That incident is confirmed. The suspects are on the run. The boy died mysteriously in the farm so some youths said it was his father and the uncle that killed him through witchcrafts.

“They now beat up those two men until they died alleging that they killed the boy through witchcrafts.

“It has become an issue in Benue State that they need to be enlightened. In the villages, those things happen and we have been talking to them and charged so many to court,” she said.

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