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Corruption Now A Norm In Nigeria — Rev. Ignatius Kaigama

The Metropolitan Catholic Archbishop of Abuja, His Grace Most Rev. Ignatius Kaigama, on Sunday, he believes there is nothing much to be celebrated on Nigeria’s democracy day.

In his homily at St. Augustine Parish in Dutse-Sangbagyi Abuja, the cleric, Ignatius Kaigama noted that Nigeria is near collapse as the high level of inflation, unemployment, and hunger is worrisome.

According to him, corruption has become a norm of bad conduct in the public offices occupied by successive politicians.

He said, “We should be joyfully celebrating democracy Day today, 12th June, but how can we when corruption seems to be institutionalized in a manner that it is okay to spend humongous amounts of money to influence voters and still believe that if such people are elected to political power they will provide transparent governance with honest economic policies.

“How do we celebrate in the midst of escalating prices of essential commodities, hunger and unemployment? How do we celebrate democracy when yet-to-be-identified gunmen pose such a grievous setback in our march towards harmonious and peaceful co-existence? How do we celebrate when corrupt governance and insecurity threaten the present and future of Nigerians?

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“Unfortunately, our country seems to be driven by ideologies and interests that only favour a given few.”

The Archbishop accused political of insensitivity, saying that it was disheartening that one week after the carnage at St. Francis Xavier Parish in Owo, Ondo State, the authorities have no immediate verifiable security evidence of the attackers.

“All that our leaders care about now is guaranteeing their political future, and oblivious of the rude happenings, they go on to spend incredible amounts in both local and foreign currencies to get elected.

“We pray that someday, we may truly become one nation bound in freedom, peace and unity, when Christians, Muslims and traditional religious worshippers will come together to unmask marauders living among us, now emboldened by the poor action of government and the relevant security agencies,” he added.


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