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Five days after divorce, man pours hot water on wife

Five days after divorce, Azeez Akere, a commercial motorcycle operator has been arrested for allegedly beating his wife to stupor and pouring hot water on her in Ibadan, Oyo State. (pours hot water on wife)

Narrating the incident, Amina Olaide, ex-wife of Azeez, said the duo had divorced five days over misunderstanding before the incident happened.

She also said she had left his house in Elelede, Laskabo area in Ibadan, and moved in with a friend who also lives in the area until two days ago when Akere came and started beating her up.

“It’s been five days since we divorced. He said we should separate and he has ‘collected’ his child from me,” she said.

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“I was squatting with my friend. So, when we took the goods to the roadside to sell. He came and stripped me naked publicly before starting to beat me.”

Amina added that her husband who is now arrested at the Mokola divisional police station dragged her home and poured her hot water.

“All the people there were begging him but he dragged me back to the house where he had been boiling water and pours hot water on (me)wife.

“He poured hot water on me together with the stove. It was the people around that extinguished the fire burning my hair. He continued to beat me and later hit me with something in the eyes.”

When contacted, the Police spokesperson in the state did not respond to calls.

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