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How 12-Year Old Boy Intestine Disapear For Lagos Hospital

A mother of a young male patient has raised alarm over sudden disappearance of intentine of his son while undergoing medication in hospital in Lagos State, and passionately appealed to Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu to order investigation into the matter to address the survival of her innocent son who is on critical condition.

The mother, Deborah Abiodun who in a video narrated the ordeal of her son, Adebola Akin Bright who he said had a ruptured appendix and was taken to a private hospital at Ile-Epo area of Lagos State, where surgery was carried on him and discharged two weeks after.

The woman who said shedding tears while narrating her son’s plight said three months after being discharged from the private hospital there was complications of intestinal obstruction and had to return to same hospital and underwent another surgery.

“My name is Deborah Abiodun,I am Adebola Akin Bright’s mom,the boy with the missing intestine Lagos State University Teaching Hospital. It all started in March when he had ruptured appendix,we had to take him to a private hospital at Ile -Epo,the surgery was done and after two weeks he was discharged and we were going on with our lives normally.Unfortunately after 3 months he came with a complication of intestinal obstruction which we had to take to the same hospital and he was also operated on, but unfortunately after 7 days the Doctor assigned to them at the private hospital, discovered there are still leakages in the intestine,so the man said he’ll bring a Professor at LASUTH’, the mother said.

Further reports that on arrival at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital(LASUTH) on 14th July, 2023, which was about twenty-seven days after, the lead surgeon said the small intestine of the boy could not be found, adding that at this stage she became curious of the shocking development and revelation.

“We got to LASUTH on the 14th of July, that’s about 27days after. It was after the surgery the lead surgeon called us that they couldn’t find the small intestine in my sons body.The question is how, what happened. How did that happened. When did the small intestine got missing . And that’s the question I’ve been asking as a mother since 17th of July till this present moment and none of the Doctors either private or the ones at LASUTH have been unable to provide answers, she lamented.

Also reports that the worried woman in the video which showed the innocent boy on hospital bed writhing in pain, called on Nigerians to help appeal to Governor Sanwo-Olu to help look into the case and safe her son’s life which she said was at stake and need urgent attention.

“I am calling on Nigerians to help me call on Governor Babajide Sanwoolu to help me look into my case and help save Adebola’s life, Adebola’s life is at stake,the boy is struggling to survive. I am calling on Governor Babajide Sanwoolu to help me save my boy’s life while he is alive. The boy couldn’t absorb any nutrients because of the missing small intestine Even if he eats,he passes it out like that’, the mother cried.

“What he has been depending on is TPN and it’s cost N69,000 per 1,and he takes 2 every 2 days,how to you expect me to get N138 000 every 2 days to sustain this boy.

That’s why I’m calling on everybody including the Governor to help save my boys life. You won’t mourn over your children
Please help attend to Adebola’, the woman said.

“The lasting solution like we said is intestinal transplant,but we don’t have much information on how it’s done But we know it’s not done here in Nigeria or African, rather than abroad,that’s why I am begging Governor Sanwo-Olu to please help see to my son’s condition, help save Adebola, don’t let Adebola die, you’re our father Please have mercy on us”, she pleaded.

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