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How Kidnappers Buy Military Uniforms For ‘Operation’

Gunmen in the early hours of Friday stormed Birshin Fulani, a suburb of Bauchi metropolis, and kidnapped a nursing mother of three children, Mrs Rukayyat Odedoyin.

Operatives of the Force Intelligence Bureau – Intelligence Response Team, FIB-IRT, have arrested 14 self confessed members of a notorious kidnap gang that have been on its wanted list over series of kidnappings, armed robberies and cattle rustling in the northern region of Nigeria.

The susepcts among who were thier arms suppliers, revealed how they raped female victims , with a threat to come back for them if they opened up on the rape.

They also revealed how they bought Military uniforms used during operation, from thier contact.

Luck ran against members of the gang following the arrest of one of them, Abdullahi Abubakar a.k.a Abdul Lawyer while he was having a meeting with an alleged informant on a planned kidnap operation in Plateau state.

Newsmen gathered that Abubakar, a herder was once arrested and detained at Bokkos Divisional Police headquarters for the offence of criminal conspiracy, armed robbery, cattle rustling and kidnapping. But unknown to the policemen, one of his gang members posed as a prominent person, to effect his release on bail.

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During interrogation Abubakar, revealed that he was introduced into kidnapping by one Iliyasu Saidu, a.k.a. Yellow and Sky brother. He gave identities of other members of his gang as : Iliyasu Saidu (a.k.a. Yellow), Badamosi Ardo Yakubu, Sky Bokkos, Zaki Bokkos, Yakubu Joshua Bokkos and Annas Iliya, all of them living and operating from Bokkos, Plateau State.

He said: “I have participated in an uncountable number of armed robberies in all the villages around Bokkos, Mangu and others in Jos.

“We have six AK47 rifles, and some of us used to appear in Nigeria Army uniforms which we bought from one IK in Daffo village for N20,000 each. We also have a tailor that sewed the uniform for us in Bokkos.

“We have someone who supplies arms for us. He is Alli Ibrahim. I bought one AK47 rifle from him for N370,000. For the ammunition, a 30- round was sold by one Yakubu Joshua for N30,000, sometimes it could be N160,000, depending on one’s power of bargain”.

Abubakar, who stated that he had participated in three different kidnap operations, highlighted some of them.

He said “We kidnapped one Challa in Bokkos. That work was given to us by Yakubu Joshua. We took the victim to Mangar Forest where he spent one day with a ransom of N700,000 paid before he was released. I got N75,000 as my share.”

“The second operation was at the Plateau State University, Bokkos, where we kidnapped three female students. We took them to Mangar forest and demanded N300,000 ransom.

Six of us: Annas Ilya, Iliyasu Saidu (a.k.a. Yellow), Badamasi Ardo Yakubu, Sky Bokkos , Zaki Bokkos and myself participated in that operation. They spent a day with us. We raped them inside the bush before releasing them and gave them stern warning not to make mention of the rape, otherwise we would come the second time and do worse . I got N50,000 as my share.

“The third operation was the kidnapping of a Challa man at Ampak village in Mangar Local Government Area of Plateau State. We took him to Tamushu Forest where he also spent one day with us after collecting N300,000 ransom. Yakubu Joshua gave us the job and six of us participated.

When the victim refused to follow us, Sky shot him dead in the compound with an AK47. Thereafter, we took his elder brother and held him captive for two days until N300,000 ransom was paid for his release. I also got N50,000, as my share”.

Apart from kidnappings, he said, “ I also participated in armed robbery operations with Yellow, Badamosi, Sky, Zaki and Joshua, along Mbot road, where we robbed people of their cash, phones and other valuables. I got a share of N10,000 from that operation.

“ In another operation, we broke into one shop at Mangar . When the guard fired some shots to scare us, Badamosi shot him dead.

“ Again, we ambushed some herders and robbed three cows, took them to Jos Town , where we sold them to one Biran man living at Kara Jos, for N200,000 each.”

Recovered arms, ammunition Police sources hinted that an Indian-made AK47 rifle with 23 rounds of live ammunition were recovered from the suspect.

Other arms and ammunition recovered from his gang included: Two locally made AK47 rifles with 10 rounds of live ammunition; one locally-made SMG Gun with 33 rounds of 9mm live ammunition; two locally-made G3 gun and two locally-made Barreta pistols.

In addition were 33 rounds of live ammunition for the AK47 rifle and 33 rounds of 9mm live ammunition for the locally made SMG.

Police sources hinted that” the suspects have been giving us useful information about their criminal activities and tactics . They would be charged to court soon.

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