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How NPF Maltreated Me For Attempting To Resign – Lagos Cop

The Nigeria Police Force has been accused of maltreating a police officer, Corporal Fauzziyah Isiak, after she put in her resignation.

Narrating her ordeal on Twitter, Isiak said she was detained by her superiors after she tendered her resignation letter, even though she disclosed that she was on her menses.

She lamented that she had tried to resign from the service since 2022 but her letters were not approved.

Isiak said she was invited on Wednesday by her boss to meet the Deputy commissioner for an interview.

She said, “I thought they were finally going to approve my resignation but the only words I heard was that I should be detained to be tried and dismissed. Due to the shock, I couldn’t say anything as the officer led me away.”

The officer, who is also a beekeeper, explaining further said, “Later, I heard that I should have begged and cried but my lack of reaction worsened the matter. I called a river after it all dawned on me. I have not taken my clothes and shoes off since yesterday. I can’t even change my sanitary pad. My migraine is throbbing at full speed and my head is about to explode from exhaustion.

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“My mother has called that she has been advised to come and plead that I will continue working. I have been working for 6 years and I think it is fair to let someone go and aid them to leave if they do not want to stay anymore. I have been very easygoing since I was born, this is my first time in this kind of situation. I have always worked in the administrative department, in fact, the religious department of the Nigeria Police. I believe in pursuing everything with passion, I always remove myself whenever I think I am no longer giving full attention to a job or career.

“I don’t know how long I’ll be here for but I really need to sleep. If the women at the provost’s office had not given me some Paracetamol yesterday afternoon, I may not have survived until now. I don’t know how long I will be here for but I’ll appreciate a blanket with a sanitary pad. The cold is about to snuff my life out. As I sit here through the night and the mosquitos hum in my ears. I keep talking to them to ask them why someone who could have stamped my letter and put me through on what to do will have me held down and humiliated instead.”

Reacting, the Force Public Relations Officer, Prince Olumuyiwa Adejobi,alleged that she did not follow due process.

He said, “She is just being funny and misled, I guess. I am sure many have got the facts from the command.”

He explained that the process is clear. “You write a resignation letter through your DPO, to Area Commander, follow the ladder up to the IGP, and response comes via the same route. And if it’s so urgent that you must leave, you make payment equal to your salary for 3 months, to be paid to the purse of the government, with proof of payment. That is express. But if you have not received any approval, you must be on duty. So, she has not been reporting on duty. Too bad anyway.”

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