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Kidnapping: How Much Of Security You Need In Nigeria

The Anambra born alleged Kingpin kidnapper, Chukwudi Dumeme Onuamadike otherwise known as Evans who was arrested in the year 2017 for Kidnapping has been one of the most notorious suspects with the kind of ransoms and high- profile hostages that were recorded against him.

When Evans was caught, he allegedly confessed to the police that he might have lost count of his victims due to the number of kidnappings operation carried out by his gang

Evans and his gang targeted the affluent and he became one of the most wanted Kidnappers in the country.

However, in the last few years, kidnapping is no longer limited to kingpins like Evans alone, even teenagers now kidnap neighbours kids for ransom was low as N70,000 ( Seventy thousand naira).

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To live in Nigeria of nowadays, you have to consider to some serious safety measures because the country is going through very difficult and unsafe times. Relatives of the big men in the country had been kidnapped. Men of God, Security men have also become victims.

For those ruminating on how much security needed to live in Nigeria, below are highlights of some of the security measures to consider in Nigeria especially when you have been away for a while and if God has blessed you with a bit of wealth.

-To avoid being prey for kidnappers, never stay out of the house late. No unnecessary hanging out. Come back home or stay close to your house latest 6pm.

-Be careful on how you travel in marked vehicles at all times. Be circumspect on the security context of area and time you use marked or branded vehicles.

-Do not take ride in any vehicle that you don’t know. Take public transportation at all times, if you need to , stop endangering your life for freebies.

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-When you go out, dress normal and neat not flashy. Never wear any clothes that can get you noticed or identified. ‘Notice me’ attitudes put people in trouble nowadays.

-On no account should you visit online friends. People who you meet on social media, you should never visit them either in public or in their homes or offices. Beware !

-Never display you wealth or family achievements on social media, a lot of people have fallen victim of kidnapping and some didn’t live to tell their stories.

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