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Osinachi Nwachukwu: Revelation About Her Death

Sunny Pee, a music producer who worked with late gospel singer, Osinachi Nwachukwu, who died as a result of domestic violence, has made some shocking revelation about her death.

He said he had told the late singer to leave the marriage several times but she always made excuses for her husband.

Pee went further to reveal that the late singer’s husband was always in the habit of taking all the money the singer makes.

The producer disclosed in a tweet that as much as he tried to help Nwachukwu, she didn’t want to be helped.

He tweeted: “So much to say about this unfortunate situation but this space is not the right place!!

“When you make money and your husband collects all the money and leave you penniless!

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“When your husband brings you to the studio gets angry and leaves you in the studio without even transportation to return home

“I’ve personally told this woman to leave this marriage but she kept making excuses for the monster!

“The last song we recorded, this was our chat below! We were recording a song that she didn’t want the husband to know about.

“The last time I told her to leave the marriage, she asked me to help her talk to her Pastor which was difficult for me because I don’t have a relationship with him!

“Before you say why didn’t we say it early, you can’t help a person who’s not ready to be helped! The last time I spoke about the husband on Facebook here, he went on his wall and made a lot of senseless statements!!

“Mrs Osinachi Nwachukwu is an example of a typical Nigerian woman who always feel it’s their responsibility to make a marriage work Even when their life is at risk!

“God Rest Her soul.

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“Dear Women learn to leave when the marriages get abusive (Physically, emotionally and otherwise

Here are some things to know about the ace gospel singer.

Her husband, Peter, is also a minister and their union is blessed with four children.

The singer has a twin sister known as Amarachi Grace Eze; who is also a powerful singer.

Osinachi sings in Igbo language, and her audience are dominant in the eastern part of Nigeria. The singer hailed from Imo State.

Some other songs that shot her into national stardom are “Nara Ekele” by Pastor Paul Enenche; “You no dey use me play” by Emma; and “God of Power” (Ikem).

The singer was a lead vocalist in Dunamis church.

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