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Yahoo Boy Dies After Failed Money Rituals

A 20-year-old Yahoo Boy simply identified as Peter Albert has died after a failed attempt at money ritual in Ado-Odo/Ota local government area of Ogun State.

A resident of the community said the deceased had always expressed the desire for good things of life, but after failing to make headway sought the counsel of one of his friends.

The friend, who is simply identified as David, 18, introduced Albert to an Islamic cleric for a money-making ritual that eventually ended his life.

“The cleric, Alfa Araokanmi, promised to do some propitiation that will make Albert become a successful (Yahoo Boy) internet fraudster.

Albert subsequently started keeping late nights to conform to the requirements of the rituals much to the chagrin of his father who reported him to the local vigilante group in the community.

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The money ritual, however, went awry when he returned home about three weeks ago panting and feeling weak. Before his death moments later, Albert reportedly explained all that transpired between him and Araokanmi to his father and even urged him to check his mobile phone for the exchanges between him and the cleric on Whatsapp.

“They actually started chatting on Whatsapp until the Yahoo Boy later visited Alfa Araokanmi for some money rituals leading to his untimely death,” a source said.

The chat read: “Peter: Good morning sir. (I am) from David.

‘Alfa wa: ”Morning. He(David) already told me. Ur name?

Peter: ”Peter. I need your help, sir.

Alfa wa: On?

Albert: “(I) have been playing game (cyber scam) for a long time and have not collect(ed) any money. I have even called David to take me to your place since; he did not answer.

Alfa wa: “He (David) told me that also. I just don’t welcome anyhow person. He hve (sic) been telling me dis since but I do ignore him.

Peter: “Pls sir, anyhow you can help me, sir.

Alfa wa: “But when he (David) later told me that u haven’t cashout (make money), it somehow hurts me. And he (also) told me dat ur mum is late.

Peter: “Yes sir.

Alfa wa: “Everything will soon be better.

Peter: “Sir, me too want to cash out (make mega money).

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Alfa wa: “Calm down. All dat we (sic) soon become a history. Just follow my instructions and be loyal to me. Lobatan. That’s all what you need.

Peter: “Ok sir. (I) have even go (ne) to many places, they jut collect(ed) money from me.

Alfa wa: “He (David) told me too. If you don’t buy fake you can’t identify the original.

Peter: “Ok sir. Like how much should I find now?. I want the one that will pick fast.

Alfa wa: “How much can you afford peacefully, that won’t affect ur financial (sic)? Can you afford like 200k (N200,000)? Confirm. Between a weak if you don’t see like N5m there is a guarantee to return your money back (sic).

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