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Plateau killings: Reps Northern Caucus demand thorough investigation

The Northern Caucus of the House of Representatives has called for a thorough investigation into the gruesome and barbaric murder of citizens in 23 villages across Bokkos and Barkin Ladi local government areas of Plateau state on Christmas Day eve.

According to the leader of the caucus, Rep Ado Dogwua in Abuja, the Plateau killing should not and has never been a representation of what the northern part of the country is known for.

He said “We are known for being accommodating and respectful of individual differences along religious, cultural, ethnic and socio-economic spectra and as such these incidents is devoid of reason, indefensible and a reproach on our humanity.

“We would like to commiserate with the Government and good people of Plateau state and also in the same breath condemn the killings as the most barbaric, senseless and vicious acts that should not find their place in our society.

“From media reportage putting the figure of the casualties in the coordinated attacks to over 150 and the outrage that has since trailed it, we join the rest of Nigerians to demand a thorough and well intentioned fact-finding on the direct and remote cause(s) of these senseless killings that have put our region in the bad light of national discuss again.

“We believe that only a thorough fact-finding mission with a commitment to punishing all those that played direct or indirect roles in this massacre as well as other pockets of killings that have been taking place in the state in the last few weeks as reported in the media will lead to a lasting peace in the Plateau region, which has now become renowned for attacks and reprisal attacks, especially among farming communities and the pastoralists.

“We call on governments at both state and federal levels and all security agencies to ensure justice is served in this matter by bringing all the perpetrators to book and finding lasting solutions to these recurring criminality in Plateau and other parts of Northern Nigeria. We also call on the governments and good-spirited organisations and individuals to come to the aid of all those injured and displaced in this attack.

“In our capacity as lawmakers, we will play our parts with vigour to support institutions and individuals in their roles to ensure lasting peace in our region. We must reiterate as a people that ‘never again’ will we allow these to happen in our locality and we must all vow to play our parts in ensuring the sanctity of human lives are protected.

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