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US returnee, owner of Tana suites murdered by kidnappers in Ogbomosho

A hotelier and owner of Tana Suites, Gbenga Owolabi, and two of his staff who were recently kidnapped on his farm in Ogbomoso have been killed.

Gbenga Owolabi was murdered alongside two of his staff; Racheal Opadele, and one other recently after his family and friends raised and paid the sum of five million Naira to the abductors.

Nigeriacrime.com learned that Gbenga lived comfortably but decided to come back and invest in Nigeria, as part of providing employment.

Gbenga was in Ogbomoso till March 2022, when he returned to the United States before he finally relocated to Nigeria in July, after many decades of successful life in the USA.

Before the incident, one of the two staff, Racheal Opadele; was a student of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH) Ogbomoso, who took up a job at the Hotel while waiting for ASUU and the Nigerian government to resolve their problems.

In an phone conversation between the kidnapers and Gbenga Owolabi’s elder brother, the kidnappers threatened to kill him, if the ransom was incomplete, while Gbenga begged for his life.

According to a family member, (names withheld), Gbenga has a farm in Ogbomoso, and he also opened an Hotel in the same town last December.

“He returned to Nigeria few weeks ago and was kidnapped few days later. A ransom of 5 million Naira was paid. Yet the kidnappers killed him with two others.”

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“Just like Gbenga Owolabi died while creating values to the society she died making herself useful as a worker in a new hotel.”

Lamenting, the family source said “if he had known that his death would come this way, he would have stayed where he was in America.

If he had known that Nigerian Government has become totally useless, and that there is a limit an individual can provide for his own security, he would have stayed in his Maryland home in the US and continued running his Tenatek Company. ”

“Despite paying the five million naira ransom, his kidnappers still murdered him. May God bring justice speedily to your murderers, and collaborators, both non-state and state actors who by their actions and inactions aid and abet criminality,” he added.

“There have been several cases of kidnappings in Nigeria. And until someone close to one is involved, one would think it is unreal. Now I know how real it is.

When we cry, we still see. It is obvious that the following set of people have contributed to the degenerated situation in the land.

His death will affect the lives of many families who earn their living from his businesses in Ogbomoso.”

“Gbenga’s death will create enough fears for other Nigerians in the Diaspora, especially his family members, to think twice before investing in Nigeria, let alone relocate to Nigeria.”

Accusing the government of failing in it’s responsibility, the family source said The Local Government Chairmen – most of whom don’t even know their functions.

They see themselves more responsible to the State Governor than to their local people.”

“And state Legislators many of whom lack reasoning and ability to make meaningful impacts. Many of love pleasure than work.”

Unfortunately, the governors formed Amotekun to pay lip service to fighting insecurity. They don’t equip them adequately.

No training in intelligence gathering. Kidnappers have better weapons than Amotekun. Yet these Governors take billions of Naira in Security Votes.

The Nigerian Governors are the major enemies of the Nigerian people. They are part of the useless National Council of State.

They mostly determine who gets what at the Local, State, and Federal levels. The Nigerian, Governors are the most useless set of people.”

“Obas only survive in this chaotic situation. Indeed, it was said that some Obas also share in the ransom.”

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