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Lieutenant dismissed for molesting minor

Sub Lieutenant VN Ukpawanne, in the Nigerian Navy was dismissed from the service for allegedly engaging in anal sex with a minor of same sex.

A sub-Lieutenant is equivalent in the Nigerian Army.

Ukpawanne was dismissed after he was made to face a naval court martial on a four-count charge.

He was found guilty on all the charges, including disobedience to standing order, attempting to commit sodomy and disgraceful conduct and wrong use of drugs.

A special SITREP from NNEC/NMC Sapele Delta State, South South Nigeria said the officer in violation of all sections of the Armed Forces Act Cap A20 was awarded one year loss of seniority, six (06) months imprisonment, another six (06) months imprisonment and lastly one (01) year imprisonment for all four offences.

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Ukpawanne is to serve his sentence of imprisonment concurrently.

The dismissed officer is currently awaiting medical clearance from the Naval Medical Centre before he will be handed over to the Nigerian Correctional Centre in Sapele, Delta State for commencement of imprisonment term.

According to the SITREP, the charges against the officer include the following:

a. Disobedience to Standing Order – punishable under section 57 of the AFA CAP A20 LFN 2004.

b. Attempt to Commit Sodomy – punishable under section 95 of the AFA CAP A20 LFN 2004.

c. Disgraceful Conduct – punishable under section 93 of the AFA CAP A20 LFN 2004.

d. Wrongful use of drug/Controlled Substance – punishable under section 65 (1) of the AFA CAP A20 LFN 2004.

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